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National Mission on Cultural Mapping

Preservation of intangible culture is a challenging task as it refers not only to an end product, which is not tactile but primarily oral and aural. There is an urgent need to take strong and timely safeguarding measures to ensure their preservation, sustainability and revitalization with community based initiatives in line with State-community partnership. Safeguarding measures start with identification and mapping art forms and practices along with the bearers and practitioners, the artistes and craftsperson.

Towards this the Ministry of Culture is creating a consolidated database of information about cultural assets and resources for example a well mapped cultural inventory on a single platform for essential planning, sustainable economic development and for preserving the rich cultural heritage of India, particularly the endangered art forms. This data will be used to streamline and rationalize various financial grant schemes being implemented by the Ministry for artistes and cultural organizations to ensure effectiveness, transparency and value for money. The components of Cultural Industries/ assets can be viewed in terms of various art forms, cultural practices, wisdom traditions, individual artistes, artistes’ communities and groups, cultural organizations and spaces for performance and display. Culture Industries also include community festivals and events, heritage properties, geographic landscapes and historical landmarks etc.

The process will involve identification and map the cultural assets and art repositories of the nation i.e. art expressions, crafts and skills, wisdom tradition and other cultural practices whether oral, aural, visual or kinetic. Information about the ritual, social and economic status of artistes and craftsmen within the community is also of relevance and is to be noted during the cultural mapping.

Vision & Mission

  • To envision and address the necessity of preserving the threads of rich Indian Art and Cultural Heritage To Convert vast and widespread cultural canvass of India into an objective Cultural Mapping
  • To Design a mechanism to fulfill the aspirations of the whole artist community of the nation
  • To Preserve the rich cultural heritage of this country for future generations
  • To create a strong “Cultural Vibrancy” throughout the nation